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Providing health-tested puppies to ensure the well-being of this amazing breed in America for the future.

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photograph of our boy, Patrick, watching attentively out the gate

Lancashire Heelers are a healthy breed and I am doing my part to ensure they stay healthy. My dogs are genetically tested for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) and Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA); hearts and patellas are clinically evaluated as well as having eye exams by a veterinary ophthalmologist.


All the dogs I use for breeding have CHIC numbers. It is important that the dogs I produce are healthy, and excellent representatives of the breed.


I take full responsibility for any puppies I produce and will take any of them back at any time for any reason.


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Why Choose Prestige

I’m very proud of my dogs and I know as far as health testing I’m doing best practice.

— Sheila Mesick,
breeder and kennel owner

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My dogs are…

  • Family dogs
  • Show dogs
  • Performance dogs
A Lancashire Heeler looking back over his shoulder at the photographer.

Snapshot of a young Lancashire Heeler in the arms of her owner

Sheila has been a great resource for information about the breed, and a great mentor to me. The puppy I got from her is a lovely representation of the breed. She has tons of drive, loves to work, and is a lovely companion to me and my other dogs.

— Christina T.

About Prestige

At Prestige Lancashire Heelers, we’ve been breeding high quality dogs since 1976 and specializing in Lancashire Heelers since 2016.

Lancashire Heelers

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 15 to 20 pounds
  • Height: 10 to 12 inches
  • Coat: short, flat, double
  • Color: black and tan or liver and tan
  • Ears: large, upright, may also be tipped with a lift

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