Bad Weather Entertainment

In these long, cold January days, it’s good to have some indoor activities for the dogs like scent work, snuffle mats, puzzle toys, and toys that can be stuffed with tasty things. It keeps their minds sharp and occupied in a constructive way.

Raising healthy, competent pups

Raising puppies with good health, temperament, and conformation takes much hands-on work. I do it gladly because the puppies, and ultimately the breed, benefit.

Twice the Fun and Skill!

Parabar Patrtick Paisley and Prestige Miss Amazing, father and daughter, earned Farm Dog Certified titles on the same day.


Six new Lancashire Heeler pups entered the world in October 2020, offspring of Parabar Patrick Paisley and Broken Wing’s Lady Vixen of Prestige Lancashire Heelers kennel.


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Photograph of Sheila Mesick and one of her Prestige Lancashire Heeler puppies
About Me

Hi, I’m Sheila. I’ve been involved in purebred dogs for over 50 years. In 2016, I began breeding Lancashire Heelers. My goal is to get this delightful little breed out there in the public eye and hopefully get them into more households in the US. In this blog, I like to share with you information useful to new and experienced owners.

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