You’re thinking about a Lancashire Heeler. Congratulations! They are a wonderful breed—clever, competent, likable, healthy, cuddly!

You needn’t take my word for it. Let’s find out what others have to say.

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Comments about Prestige Lancashire Heelers

Smiling person sitting with a Lancashire Heeler

Great Dog

The newest Lancashire Heeler, Justice, has arrived safely here in NJ. It looks like he’s already attached to Mom. He is beautiful. All he wants is attention. He’s perfect for her.
Thanks so very much Sheila for allowing him to come live with us. You rock!

Karen C.
New Jersey


Health was the most important factor when I was looking for my first LH puppy and one breeder stood out among the others. Sheila sets the bar when it comes to health testing of her dogs; ensuring her own dogs are the most suitable for breeding and that the puppies she sends into the world are free of any congenital issues.

Extremely knowledgeable of the breed and passionate about their future, Sheila also is very caring about her buyers/pups once they go to their new homes. She will always be there to answer questions and help if needed. That is what a great breeder is all about.

Heidi B.
Rhode Island


I must thank her breeder, Sheila Mesick, for this wonderful little gal. I could not have asked for a better pocket-pup to tow around with. I’m totally smitten and amazed with this breed!

Sheila is a fantastic Lady and and awesome LH breeder

A happy owner
United States


Sheila cares so much—about her dogs, about her buyers, about the breed, about standards. She is just the sort of breeder to seek, the sort that I respect. My puppy took Best of Breed in Greeley, Colorado.

Mark T.

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