You’re thinking about a Lancashire Heeler. Congratulations! They are a wonderful breed—clever, competent, likable, healthy, and cuddly!

You needn’t take my word for it. Let’s find out what others have to say.

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Comments about Prestige Lancashire Heelers

Sheila’s there when we need her

We came to Sheila at the recommendation of another breeder that we knew quite well. This was our first experience with Lancashire Heelers and we arrived to pick up our puppy with very little knowledge about raising our new baby.

In addition to careful breeding and care to the health and well-being of the dogs, Sheila made it clear that she stood by her dogs and would help with advice and encouragement for as long as we had one of her dogs. Our little guy is now 3 1/2 years old and she is still very interested and available as a resource in what he is doing

Lisa B.

[Photo/Lisa B.]

Piper, a black and tan Lancashire Heeler lounges on the sofa at home.
Teddy, a Lancashire Heeler, sometimes catches a ride in his backpack when he is on a long hike.

Caring and knowledgeable

Sheila of Prestige Kennels is the most health-conscious dog breeder I know. 

Her dedication to health testing is unparalleled and her commitment to the puppies she breeds is for the life of the dog; they can be returned to her at anytime and for any reason. Every dog Sheila breeds is fully health tested per the OFA guidelines: genetic testing for Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), and Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) , a clinical exam for Patellar Luxation (PL), and a current eye exam by a canine ophthalmologist. 

Parents are given the utmost care never over breeding them or stressing them out by too frequently breeding. Puppies are given superior and expertly handled care and timely exposures (puppy culture) to maximize their abilities and set them up for a healthy, happy and confident life.

Sheila is experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of the breeding process and makes a very complicated process with many important steps to monitor look easy.

Thank you Sheila for sharing two pieces of your heart with me. The happiness these two beautiful Lancashire Heeler puppies give me each and every day cannot be adequately expressed.

Kim M.

[Photo/Kim M.]

Ready for everything

This is Gambit! He is two years old and the absolute best friend of my family and me! He is Patrick and Vixen‘s pup. Through early socialization and stimulation, Sheila set Gambit (and all his littermates) up for success before they ever left to their forever families!

This little fella is a real go-getter! He never meets a stranger and jumps in with all four feet and his whole heart!

Gambit has introduced me to a whole new world of dog ownership! He and I spend  all of our time together. We do nose work in which he has earned a title. We have done trick dog classes where we earned yet another title. We have played in agility, dock diving and herding.

We have been consistently showing in conformation for 18 months and it is by far his absolute favorite activity. He is a conformation champion and well on his way to being a United Kennel Club Grand Champion!

I love this dog!  I feel like when I  brought him home I brought home a whole new family! We are in contact with several of his littermates and other relatives of his! Any questions or concerns I have, Shelia is always there to offer her expertise! We are truly so lucky to have a Prestige Lancashire Heeler! Thank you Sheila!

Kelly H.

[Photo/Kelly H.]

Gambit, a Lancashire Heeler looks up at the camera. He is beautifully shiny and is wearing his best leather harness with turquoise and silver ornmamentation.
Smiling person sitting with a Lancashire Heeler

Great dog

The newest Lancashire Heeler, Justice, has arrived safely here in NJ. It looks like he’s already attached to Mom. He is beautiful. All he wants is attention. He’s perfect for her.

Thanks so very much Sheila for allowing him to come live with us. You rock!

Karen C.
New Jersey

[Photo/Karen C.]


I must thank her breeder, Sheila Mesick, for this wonderful little gal. I could not have asked for a better pocket-pup to tow around with. I’m totally smitten and amazed with this breed!

Sheila is a fantastic lady and and awesome LH breeder.

A happy owner
United States


Sheila cares so much—about her dogs, about her buyers, about the breed, about standards. She is just the sort of breeder to seek, the sort that I respect. My puppy took Best of Breed in Greeley, Colorado.

Mark T.

[Photo/Rosanna B.]

Photograph of a Lancashire Heeler with a perky expression on his face standing by a shrub. The bright prairie is visible in the background.

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