Prestige Lancashire Heelers is a small, family-based kennel with a focus on breeding the best Lancashire Heelers in the US. I love what we do, and I do it with passion. I look forward to working with you.

Sheila Mesick, owner and breeder, Prestige Lancashire Heelers

Sheila Mesick

Owner and Breeder

I’ve been involved in purebred dogs for over 50 years. At age 12, I went to my first match show. My first paycheck, at age 14, went toward my first purebred dog—a Pomeranian. I have been actively showing dogs since age 21.

In the 90’s I had the top winning owner handled bullmastiff in the country. I’ve taught 4-H obedience and trained many dogs for my own personal satisfaction. I trained a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier (TRT) for rally and showed him in demonstrations but never ‘trialed’ him. I’ve finished at least nine TRTs to their championship, as well as other breeds both in AKC and UKC.

A staunch supporter of health testing, I am the first US breeder to test for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) in Teddy Rosevelt Terriers.

The Lancashire Heeler is a new breed for me. I have had mine tested for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL), Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) as well as having their hearts and patellas checked for submission to OFA.

I have shown all of mine to UKC championships and have several titles in performance events as well. My goal is to get this delightful little breed out there in the public eye and hopefully get them into more households in the US.

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UKC CH Parabar Patrick Paisley RN FDC CGC TKI

Because we need more diversity in the gene pool in America, I brought Patrick over from England. He has surpassed all my expectations. He has a great personality, loves to go out shopping with me or just hang out. Parabar Patrick Paisley is the first Lancashire Heeler to obtain a CHIC number.

Patrick is proud to hold the following American Kennel Club titles: Farm Dog Certified (FDC), Rally Novice (RN), Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Intermediate, and Canine Good Citizen Urban (CGC, CGCI, CGCU), and Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate (TKN, TKI).

Whelp date: March 17, 2016; Sex: male

CHIC Information

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An image of Patrick, the first Lancashire Heeler to obtain a CHIC number
Image of a Vixen, a champion liver and tan Lancashire Heeler, standing in the bright green spring grass and smiling at the camera with her curled tongue sticking out slightly.


UKC PTN CH Broken Wing’s Lady Vixen at Prk SWN TKN DDCN

Vixen was my first Lancashire Heeler. She has produced a lovely litter of pups sired by Patrick and is the first Lancashire Heeler in America with a scent work title. Currently, she holds an American Kennel Club Scent Work Novice (SWN) title, a Detection Dog Classic Novice (DDCN) from United States Canine Scent Sports, and a United Kennel Club Pre-Trial Novice (PTN) title for nose work. She loves to work and is an excellent little “searcher.” Further, she has an AKC Trick Dog Novice (TKN) title.

Whelp date: December 11, 2014; Sex: female

CHIC Information

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UKC CH Hangtown Sweet Loretta, CGC TKI

Jojo is always happy and ready to go. She is the maternal half of the first litter where both parents had received their CHIC numbers through OFA. She holds Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate (TKN, TKI) titles from the American Kennel Club. Soon she will take up the pursuit of titles in Barn Hunt and AKC Rally.

Whelp date: September 6, 2017; Sex: female

CHIC information

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Image of Jojo, a liver and tan Lancashire Heeler who is the maternal half of the first litter of Lancashire Heelers in which both parents were fully certified by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals.
An image of Katie, a certified-healthy black and tan Lancashire Heeler who is a second-generation CHIC-certified dog.


UKC CH Prestige Witchy Woman RN CGC TKI VSWB

Prestige Witchy Woman, or Katie as her friends call her, loves to go for a ride and is my companion when running errands on days when I don’t have to leave her in the car.

Katie is a second-generation CHIC-certified dog. That means that both her parents are CHIC-certified. Her sire is Patrick and her dam is Vixen. Of course, Katie also has her CHIC certification.

Katie’s titles from the American Kennel Club include Rally Novice (RN), Canine Good Citizen (GGC), Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate (TKN, TKI) titles, and Virtual Scent Work Beginner (VSWB). She also participates in Fast CAT and will soon have her first title.

Whelp date: October 22, 2020; Sex: Female

CHIC information

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UKC CH Parabar Perfec’ Pastel

Imported from England in June of 2021, Parabar Perfec’ Pastel comes from the esteemed breeder and conformation judge, Jenny Grant-Parkes. Gia was fully health tested before she arrived. With an abundance of conscientiousness, I went ahead and had her retested after she arrived. All test results—in the UK and in the US—show Gia to be in the clear.

Gia is a joy to live with. She makes friends wherever she goes, and everyone that meets her loves her.

We note with pleasure that Gia not only is a United Kennel Club Champion in conformation but also is well on her way to her first Barn Hunt title and a Happy Ratters title.

Whelp date: February 15, 2021; Sex: Female;
Co-owner: H. L. Benson

CHIC information: Gia’s paperwork is in process.

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An image of Gia, a black and tan Lancashire Heeler who is a joy to live with and who makes friends wherever she goes.

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