Choosing a Breeder

Image of Tesem, from ancient Egypt

A reputable breeder stands behind their dogs. Sure things can happen and Mother Nature can intervene and even the best laid plans can go astray. But if a breeder does not use the tools they have at their disposal than I don’t think  they can call themselves a ‘breeder’.

Breeders today are fortunate enough to have many DNA tests that can be done on the problems in their chosen breed. If a breeder says, “Oh, I don’t have that problem in MY dogs,” and yet they are not testing then they don’t know. It’s only a guess because if you aren’t testing you don’t know.

I want to protect this vulnerable breed as much as I can.  This is why I have chosen to DNA test for PLL and CEA both problems in this breed. I also will do yearly eye exams on any dogs I’m planning on breeding. In addition I check patellas and hearts in my dogs. I will also get eye exams for pups before they leave here to determine if there are any potential eye problems in puppies, such as retinal dysplasia or PPM which may not be visible  without an exam by an ophthalmologist.

In my opinion it is the responsibility of any conscientious breeder that truly has the best interest of the breed at heart to use the tools that are available to them to protect the health and well being of any dogs they produce.

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