The Puppies are here! Congratulations to Vixen and Patrick!

On October 22, 2020, six new healthy Lancashire Heelers, three males and three females, entered the world. All are spoken for.


Photograph of our black and tan Lancashire Heeler, Patrick, watching attentively out the gate

UKC CH Parabar Patrick Paisley RN FDC CGC TKI“”Patrick”
UKC CH Parabar Patrick Paisley RN FDC CGC TKI

Black and tan

Whelped March 17, 2017

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UKC PTN CH Broken Wing’s Lady Vixen at Prk SWN TKN DDCN

Liver and tan

Whelped December 11, 2014

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A liver and tan Lancashire Heelers stands on a green lawn


Sheila Mesick, breeder and owner

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@sheilamesick on Facebook messenger

Finger Lakes region of New York

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