Rainy Days? No Problem!

April showers bring May flowers. But rainy days also might mean more time indoors for your dogs. This makes April a good time to focus on mental stimulation.

My dogs love puzzle toys. You can easily make puzzle toys from empty paper towels or toilet paper tubes. Just put a few pieces of kibble or treats in the empty tube, fold the ends in, and let your dogs get the treats out. You can do the same by rolling some treats in a clean washcloth. Of course, remove the empty tube or washcloth if your dogs start eating them, and take them away once they are empty. Always monitor your dogs’ play.

Another thing you can do is practice short obedience routines. “Place” is a good one, as well as “stay.” Hide and seek with treats is also a fun way to spend some time. Hide some treats for your dog throughout the house and let them find them. Mental stimulation is just as tiring as physical exercise.

And when all else fails, maybe take your dog for a walk. Many malls now allow a special time to walk indoors with your leashed dog. It might be a good idea to check out the possibilities near you. Don’t let a little rainy weather interfere with things to do with your dog.

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