Raw Feeding for My Dogs

I’ve been feeding my dogs a raw diet off and on for over 30 years. More on than off. I have occasionally gone back to kibble for convenience when I was sick or had other health issues, but I always come back to raw. I think it is much healthier to feed your dog a species-appropriate fresh diet rather than some dried brown balls (kibble). That being said I understand raw feeding is not for everyone and it must be done right. If you decide to pursue raw feeding for your own dog I suggest you read a lot of books about how to do it correctly. You can do more harm than good by jumping into this without the knowledge to do it right. Of course, there are many premade raw diets on the market now also to make it easier for you to feed a raw diet without having to do it yourself. Just make sure it is a ‘complete’ diet. So if you decide you might want to try this for your dog, make sure you do it right and your dog will reap the benefits.

Bowls of raw dog food
Raw food ready for my dogs

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