Health Testing

Health testing is very important to me. I believe health comes first because without it we have nothing. All my dogs have had all the required tests to receive their CHIC number.

But DNA testing is only a small part of testing. There are many eye conditions that can’t be tested for by a DNA test. In the puppy phase, eye tests for coloboma, PPM, Juvenile (congenital) cataract, and PHTVL/PHPV are the most prominent ones. Later in life, other conditions might pop up like non-congenital cataract, glaucoma, PRA, leakage (mutation X form of PLL), retinal dysplasia, and cornea dystrophy. I am currently the only breeder of Lancashire Heelers in America as of 5/11/20 doing regular eye exams with an ophthalmologist and registering the results with OFA. I believe in full transparency when it comes to the health of this breed. I want to produce the healthiest, happiest puppies I can. I also check hearts on my dogs and although not required by the parent club those results are also submitted to OFA for public knowledge.

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